I like making graphics. I love making music. Producing a game or a technology demonstration involves them both, plus many other things that I love to do.

I have been fortunate to be involved with several projects where I have had an opportunity to not only make graphics, concept art, music and design, but also to manage the whole chaos and the bunch of very talented people who have been contributing in making these productions.

Here you can find some brief info and screen shots of some of the projects I have been forging for all kinds of mobile devices (cell phones, PDAs, etc.) in the last 4-5 years.

Men In Black II

A mobile game that was released as a bundled title with the device. An early mobile 3D-game.

Spy Hunter: Missile Crisis

This title was produced for a very cabable mobile device. The game graphics quality was often compared with that of Sony Playstation 1.


Being produced as early as 2000-2001, Geopod was a pioneering product: A mobile 3D-game created with an actual mobile 3D-game development enviroment.

Geopod dc

Like the original Geopod title, the Geopod dc is presenting something new. This version of the game is produced on Java-platform.. still it features things like enviroment mapping, lens flares and a rich selection of different kind of materials.


I was curious about 2D-low-res-graphics production and creation.. ..meanwhile, a good friend and a colleague of mine, Mr. Jouni Tuovinen was curious about building a vertical shooter for mobile. This resulted in a "therapy"-project, that grew in time and this game was the result.


As the building process of the X-Forge(tm)-technology was started in late 2000, it was necessary to kick off a small, solid game project to serve as a test lab and reference for the design of the actual technology. RAID is a simple, easy-to-play 3D-shooter from "The Beginning".

Stunt Car Extreme

SCE is actually a big game. Yes, it is a mobile game but still it includes - just to mention something - over 120 chapters of dialogue. That is a reasonable amount for a 3D arcade racing game.

UB/Unfinished Business (several revisions)

"UB" is a series of demos and small games made in the name of technology creation. They were produced in different phases of technology development for a multitude of platforms.. devices ranging from commercial, released cell phones to open chassis prototypes.